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Mobile Action Pad for iOSâ„¢ and Androidâ„¢

The Action Pad is a user-defined graphical user interface and one of the most successful features of the e:cue control software. It allows to control the complete Programmer and the Butler XT2 in standalone mode, to start or stop cuelists, execute actions or triggers and much more with buttons, faders and cuelist controls.

Buttons can be visible or unvisible on a free selectable background image in many styles. Faders can be placed to be mapped on grand or versatile masters to control intensity or effect speeds.


The Action Pad cannot only be used with browsers and PC, but also with iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and with Android tablets and smartphones .

The Action Pad for iOS can be downloaded for free from Apple's iTunes store.

The Action Pad for Android is also free and available in the Google Play Store.