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Lighting Control Engine 2
Priscilla Queen of the Desert – New York, USA
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Ältere Versionen

Programmer V3.6.305
Release Date 30. November 2006

Latest Changes (latest updates on top):

* Fixed: Invalid call of PropDlgSetHeaderText is handled correctly.
* Fixed: Handling of e:script function 'SetSpeedMaster'
* Fixed: Speedmaster Handling on Action Pads
* Fixed: Trigger 'Action Pad Event' mouse position.
* Fixed: e:script command SetCurrentCuelist() sends a update message to the cuelist window.
* Changed: Drivers for ME2-DMX-Interface included.
* Changed: Improved compatiblity with RemoteDesktop regarding mouse handling.

Show files generated with this version are not backward compatible with early version of V3.6.
11 M
ecueAdvancedTools_V3_6_1.zip482 K
e:Player is similar to a common Windows Media Player except it is remote controlable by the e:cue Programmer Enterprise.
One e:cue Programmer can remote control multiple e:Players via your local area network.
328 K
This is what you need to configurate e:nodes, e:coms, e:links and butler microservers via you local area network.
435 K
Patchelor metalib.xml 2007-03-20.zip4 K
Da Patchelor v3.6.27.27
*CHANGE: new fixtures in metalib.xml
447 K
Patchelor_V3_6_28_28.zip446 K
Startup Assistent V3.6

This is a very small but usefull tool helping configuration of e:cue programmer or e:cue ufgm for autostart.

Currently the tool comes without any installer!

Please copy the tool into your e:cue programmer directory or into the ufgm directory.

It must be present during system startup on a known location, otherwise the automation will not work.
(Known location means: It must be still present where you used it when calling the configuration dialog.)

113 K
e:cue UFGM Player V3.6.053

Latest changes:
* New: Improved scaler
* New: Brightness/contrast/gamma correction
* New: Default color when no video is playing
* New: Adjustable clipping rectangle
* Fixed: High speed improvements on large matrix arrays
7 M
UFGM_Setup_3_6_060.zip7 M