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The e:cue DMX to DALI/DSI converter allows the integration of DALI/DSI based dimming devices in DMX controlled surroundings. Its 6 outputs provide single channel DALI or DSI (user selectable) signals derived from 6 consecutive DMX channels for up to 96 dimming ballasts. It is either possible to connect all 96 DALI/DSI Fixtures to one output or a maximum of each 16 fixtures per output. Every DALI/DSI output uses a broadcast signal, which means all fixtures connected to one output will be set to the same values. Flexibility is made possible by user selectable auto or manual DMX addressing modes, RJ-45 or loose wiring in a DIN rail system housing. The device is optimized for performance in  building automation environments while its compact form supports easy and intuitive setup in any lighting installation.


Technical Information

product class interface
application area Museum, Architecture
connectivity DMX to Dali/DSI
DMX interface RJ 45 In/Out
stand-alone capability -
DMX channels live / stand-alone -
max. devices per application suite unlimited
built-in real time clock -
power supply 90-240 VAC
dimensions LxWxH (mm) / LxWxH (inches) 110 x 80 x 60 / 4.33 x 3.14 x 2.36
weight kg/lbs 0,25 kg / 0.55 lbs


DMX2DALI Setup Manual English
Version 2014-01-23
73 K
Including technical drawings.
4 M
DMX2DALI Setup Manual English
Version 2014-10-30
544 K
DMX2DALI Setup Manual English (FW v2.1)
Version 2015-02-23
544 K
DMX2DALI Data Sheet
Version 2014-10-30
90 K

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications