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Video Micro Converter (VMC) is a compact device used to convert a DVI signal to DMX or e:pix*, for LED control of large media screens.  Specially designed to easily output video content on LED media installations, one VMC grabs video signals of up to 4096 pixels.  For video lighting installations requiring more than 4096 pixels, multiple VMCs can be daisy chained to convert the entire DVI signal to DMX or e:pix. 

The VMC features very flexible pixel mapping capabilities for demanding LED installations ranging from a few hundred, to one million pixels. There are two available versions  of this device;  VMC outputs DMX and e:pix, while the VMC DMX outputs only DMX.


*e:pix is an e:cue protocol similar to DMX, for faster communication between the VMC and Traxon e:pix-capable LED media products.

Key Features

  • Highly versatile pixel mapping capabilities – The VMC features sophisticated pixel mapping capabilities, allowing flexible manipulation of each pixel displayed on a lighting installation.
  • Input resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p), requires firmware version 2.x, free download from the Download Section.
  • Grabs and converts up to 4096 DVI pixels per VMC – Each VMC grabs up to 4096 DVI pixels and converts them to DMX or e:pix, while a larger pixel count can be converted by daisy chaining additional VMCs. Up to eight VMCs can be daisy chained without the use of a DVI splitter.
  • Internal active DVI signal booster – Each VMC has an internal active DVI signal booster for repeating the DVI signal when multiple VMCs are clustered.
  • Adaptable to third-party DMX fixtures with channel mapping.
  • Selectable startup delay for hiding boot screens from video sources.
  • Stored default image – A default image file can be uploaded onto the VMC for display in the event of video input loss. This default image can include any image file, such as a company logo.
  • Arrange lighting fixture and set up VMCs using the e:cue software suite – Specific layout of lighting fixtures in a project is done using the e:cue software (Pachelor). Custom matrix or curvilinear-shaped LEDs screens are mapped using the software for precise video lighting.

Technical Specifications

General Specifications  
Product Class Interface
Art.-No. VMC e:pix/DMX (DVI to e:pix/DMX) 160185
VMC DMX (DVI to DMX only) 160136
Dimensions LxWxH 155 x 120 x 45 mm / 6.1 x 4.7 x 1.8 inch
Weight 0,43kg / 0.95 lbs
Power 12 V DC, 5W (ext. PSU)
Operating / Storage Temp. 0-40°C / 32-104°F
Operating / Storage Hum. 0-90% non condensing
Environment IP20
Housing Aluminium
Mouting On-wall mounting
VMC Garage (for 19“ rack mouting)
Certifications CE
Interface Specifications  
Setup Link e:net (RJ-45 for setup)
Input DVI (female connector)
Output 8 x DMX512 or e:pix2048 (RJ-45)
DVI (female connector)
Display LED indicators


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Video Micro Converter (VMC) Update Package
Release Date 2011-12-02

Firmware update via Patchelor software.

Packages includes:
Firmware Version: FW2.1.01
FPGA Version: FPGA2.0.7
DDC-Version DDC2.4

Version Information:
NEW: supports video resolutions up to Full HD (1080p)
CHG: simplified device setup dialog
106 K

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