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The Glass Touch T6R User Terminal is part of the innovative, future-oriented Glass Touch Series. It features an even glass front with seven buttons plus one On/Off button and an embedded, touch-sensitive wheel.
In online mode with the Lighting Application Suite, every control element can be freely assigned to any conceivable function, the wheel for adjusting brightness, speed and choice of lighting programs. In standalone mode, connected to the e:cue Butler XT for stand-alone replay, the wheel serves as a grandmaster for intensity control. Embedded LEDs and a built in beeper deliver a direct audio-visual feedback to the user. Connection between a Glass Touch T6R and a Butler XT is made by a 2-wire, polarity- and topology-free e:bus connection, which is capable of running up to eight Glass Touch User Terminal devices per bus. The easy mounting into in-wall mounting boxes does offer a simple method to develop new and upgrade existing lighting control scenarios. Different designs are available on request.

Key Features

  • 7 freely configurable buttons (6 + play /pause)
  • 1 On/Off-Button
  • Embedded, touch-sensitive wheel
  • 7 LEDs
  • Remote control possible through built-in IR Receiver
  • Glass front
  • Compatible to standard in-wall fittings
  • Ultra thin
  • Connects via free topology e:cue e:bus (2-wire power and data connection)

Technical Specification

Order code  
t6r xt I white 160211
Dimensions LxWxH(mm) / LxWxH(inches) 80 x 160 x 11 / 3.15 x 6.3 x 0.43
Weight kg/lbs 0.21 kg/ 0.46lbs
Power supply 24 VDC, 16 mA (via e:bus)
Operating / storage temp. °C/°F 0°-40°C / 32°-104°F
Operating / storage hum. 0-90% not condensing
Environment IP20
Housing Glass (surface), aluminium (housing)
Mounting In wall mounting
Certifications CE
User interface Capacitive touch sensor
System link E:bus (screw terminals)
Input IR


Glass Touch T12 CAD data (AutoCAD)
Including technical drawings.
162 K
Glass Touch T12 CAD data PDF
As sample for technical drawings.
255 K
Glass Touch T6 CAD data (AutoCAD)
Including technical drawings.
184 K
Glass Touch T6 CAD data PDF
As sample for technical drawings.
256 K
Glass Touch T6R CAD data (AutoCAD)
Including technical drawings.
147 K
Glass Touch T6R CAD data PDF
As sample for technical drawings.
260 K
Glass Touch T6/T6R/T12 Datenblatt
Version 2017-01-13
295 K
Glass Touch Declaration CE237 K
Glass Touch Declaration RoHS117 K
Glass Touch T6/T6R/T12 Datasheet
Version 2017-01-13
294 K

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